Department of First Year Engineering

The importance of Science and Humanities Department stems from the dynamic needs of the corporate world, to provide early opportunity for students to improve oral & written communication. Humanities department also attempts at integrating human values & social concern with technical education.

First Year Monitoring Committee (FYMC)

First Year Monitoring Committee (FYMC) is chaired by Dr. V. T. Bhugul along with Dr. S. N. Naikwad.


 Role of FYMC

1) All efforts of FYMC are directed to enhance and groom one’s outer and inner self to bring about a positive change in one’s life, boosting one’s confidence, learning fine etiquettes and manners, adding style and grace to the way one looks, talks and walks and overall imbibing oneself with positivity, liveliness and peace.

2) To creates the personality which can match and out win the competition and as well become well-cultured person with all the required skill sets which are required to be a smart global citizen through different courses and curricular activities

3) To maintain communication with parents through Parent-Teacher meet-As the name suggests, the meet provided a wonderful platform and a nice opening for the parents and teachers to interact and discuss the progress of their wards

4) To moniter routine academics , Unit Test performance of students & communicate about it to parents ,student and Teacher and counsel them about improvements

5) To check antisocial activities like Ragging and others


Engineering Chemistry

The Department of Engineering Chemistry is working since inception of the institution from 1983 to cater to the needs of mainstream Engineering Departments. The primary objective of the subject is to orient students towards understanding and appreciating use and application of principles of fundamental chemistry in engineering and technological areas. It also encourages students to use the knowledge gained in the subject for betterment of society. The Department has independent, spacious and well ventilated laboratory with quality apparatus and safety equipments. It has excellent experimental set ups to conduct practicals and an exceptional & well stocked departmental library for ready reference of the faculties. The departmental laboratory is well equipped with latest and modern experiments. The Department comprises of highly qualified and competent faculty members well versed in use of modern teaching aids. The Department also provides a conducive environment that motivates staff members to engage in research in their respective areas of interest.


Engineering Physics

The Department of Engineering Physics is working since inception of the institution from 1983 with a mission of imparting teaching and promoting implementation of practical aspects of Engineering Physics to build a solid foundation as part of the engineering education. The departmental laboratory is well equipped with latest and modern experiments. with a view to develop very basic scientific and communicative attitude and temper, in all the budding engineers.

The department is engaged in teaching subject Engineering Physics ( Theory and Practical to B.E. Sem. –I and B.E. Sem.-II UG students of all the branches of Engineering). The Department has well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty.


Engineering Mathematics

Department of Engineering Mathematics functions as a supporting department to the main Engineering Departments. Engineering Mathematics offers courses to under graduate students which are indispensable for engineering community. These courses form a backbone of engineering curriculum by developing students’ capabilities for thinking critically, logically and reasoning analytically


Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is a core course offered to the engineering students of all streams. It is extremely important to ensure that the fundamentals are well understood by all engineering students since these have applications in all fields of science and technology. In today’s economic world development and progress through technological applications is possible only if it is optimum and sustainable. Fundamental aspects of these energies, its types and use under various conditions are therefore needed by every engineer. The course covered in first year of engineering prepares students to know and handle electrical energy optimally and safely.


Engineering Drawing

The engineering Drawing aims to provide engineering (orthographic) drawing skills in the context of engineering design, develop in students graphic skills for communication of concepts, ideas and design of engineering products and expose them to existing national standards related to technical drawings.


Computer Programming

Computer programming is a course offered to engineering students of all streams. It is important to ensure the basic knowledge of the course and impart knowledge to analyze, solve, design and code real-life problems using C language, learn the basic concepts of computing, To know the methodology of problem solving, develop skills in programming using C language.


Work Shop

Workshop is well equipped. Students are given practice of basic skills like filing, carpentry, smithy, molding and turning. The students are well prepared to make jobs/ articles by using these skills.

First Year Engineering plays a pivotal role in ushering the students to be a prospective engineer. The department nurtures and molds the students to enter in the rapid fast changing pragmatic world yet maintaining the sensitivity in them. The teaching-learning methodology used by staff boosts the students thinking potential and lifts their critical analyzing skills. As most of the students come from the diversified social environment it becomes a need for the department that they are mentored by the staff with whom they can share their thoughts, expectations, express themselves and would feel comfortable away from home.

What the stakeholders are usually interested in is the staff, isn’t it? So we as the department is the family of 32 faculty and 5 supporting staff for 11 divisions each with 60 students. The department has a well qualified and experienced staff that is always on their toes. The faculties have excellent academic records and are highly regarded amongst students. The various subjects offered to students in First Year, though common to all branches, essentially lays a strong foundation to emerge as a potential engineer. Hence, our self-motivated staff wholly dedicated to the first year department, do their best and try to make the subjects simple and interesting.

The activities like Expert Lectures, Site Visits, Technical Events, Sports and Cultural Events, Soft Skills etc widens their horizon and avert them from being monotonous with academics.

To conclude, the department catalyzes and assures a very healthy, amicable but a competitive ambience for our future engineer.

Dr. V. T. Bhugul
Associate Professor(APC)

Department Intake / Program Offered

Bachelor of Engineering

Sr. No.Name of ProgrammeIntakeCourse Duration
1B. Tech – Chemical Engineering60Four Years
2B. E. – Civil Engineering60Four Years
3B. E. – Computer Science & Engineering120Four Years
5B. E. – Mechanical Engineering60Four Years
6B. Arch – Architecture40Five Years

Vision and Mission of the Department



Technical education for the individual, social and national development with global acceptance, by providing the relevant infrastructure with due consideration for our culture and the environment.



In full obeisance to the vision and foresight of Dr. Panjabrao alias Bhausaheb Deshmukh, this institute will strive tirelessly to educate and qualify the students from all the strata of the society, who are future engineers and technocrats, to take up challenges of modern era so that they are nationally and globally accepted in the application of their skills and knowledge to the benefit and development of the society.


Department of First Year Engineering

Teaching Staff

Dr. V. T. Bhugul
Associate Professor(APC)

Dr. S. N. Naikwad
Associate Professor(Electrical Engg)

Mrs. K. U. Deshmukh
Assistant Professor(Electrical Engg)

Mr. S.R. Malpani
Assistant Professor(Engg Mechanics)

Ms. J. V. Shegokar
Assistant Professor(Engg Chemistry)

Mr. S. J. Ningwal
Assistant Professor(Engg Physics)

Mr. A. A. Bihade
Assistant Professor (CSE)

Ms. S. D. Deshmukh
Assistant Professor(Engg Maths)

Mr. M. Dharmal
Assistant Professor(Engg Maths)

Dr. D. D. Raut
Assistant Professor(Engg Maths)

Mr. N. B. Bujruk
Associate Professor, Director of Sports

Support Staff



Achievements & Awards